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Filmfix did a superb job of transferring both home movie films and videos to DVD and hard drive. The digitized product typically looked at least as good as the originals, oftentimes much better! Filmfix clearly provides actual oversight of the digitization process --- not just unsupervised copying of material --- for they provide a report that details the conversion process and points out potential problems with the original material as well as difficulties encountered in the course of digitization. This report proves invaluable in reviewing the final product.

Filmfix customer service is also excellent. They keep the customer abreast of progress and provide detailed notification of each shipment. An email generates a prompt reply. They graciously answer any questions about their work and about alternative media and formats that might be used. Their responses are not limited to email: if a discussion is appropriate, they will call and discuss issues at length and with patience.

Finally, Filmfix personnel are very professional, exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of the digitization process, and extremely courteous and friendly. I would gladly use Filmfix again.

Dr. Robert Cotterman

Los Angeles, CA

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customer service
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